Enugu State Scholarship and Education Loans Board


  • The mission of the Board is to train as many indigenes of Enugu State as possible in professional fields of study to fill existing gaps in the key sectors of the economy.
  • To empower our people educationally to break the vicious cycle of poverty and prepare them for the challenges of the 21st century development
  • To bring higher education closer to many qualified students who are indigent and unable to afford the acquisition of such level of education
  • To recognize and encourage merit to gifted people in society for specialized skills.
  • To enhance education and training in vocation for people in difficult circumstances such as, the physically challenged.

  • Our vision is to empower our people academically to enable them compete favorably in the national economy.
  • To promote and encourage academic excellence among students.
  • To develop human resources for higher manpower requirement of the state.
  • To reduce dropout rate due to financial constraints.
  • Provision of education loans to encourage expertise in various fields for post graduate/professional studies.

History of ESSLEB

Established in september, 2009.

Has been engaged in various scholarships in Enugu State

Also into Academic Loans to post graduate students

To qualify for the 2017 Scholarship Programme, the applicant must:
  • Be a student of a tertiary institution
  • Have completed 100 level academic session
  • Be an indigene of Enugu State
To participate in this year's Scholarship program,
  • Click on the Apply link above
  • Fill the application form
  • Print your examination slip and come with it to your designated exam venue
  • Best of luck
Application has closed.

ESSELB Services

Service 1

Incentive award to Students who have excelled in academics or other meaningful engagement(s).

Service 2

Discretionary awards - Which is the exclusive right of award by the Governor of Enugu State to whom he wishes.

Service 3

Education loans to research fellows who are in the employement of the government.

Service 4

Coordination of scholarship awards for Federal Government scholarships tenable in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions.

Service 5

Coordination of Commonwealth Scholarship awards.

Service 6

Coordination of Bilateral Education Agreement Overseas Awrds.

Service 7

Identification/Certification of Enugu indigenes for Agbami Chevron Scholarship awards .

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